This Is Goetta

To answer the question for those who do not know what goetta is, we give you the following:

Goetta is a delightful combination of pork (and sometimes beef), steel cut (pinhead) oats, onion and spices that is cooked, formed into a loaf, then sliced and fried before serving.  In the broadest sense, it is a sausage, but it is not comparable to other breakfast sausages in taste or texture.

Goettawurst or Grutzewurst can still be found in small meat markets around Osnabruck and Oldenburg in Germany, but it has not remained popular because of its history as “poor people’s food.”

In the Greater Cincinnati area, it has retained its popularity because it is simply quite tasty and contains nutritious steel cut oats.  There are several mass producers of goetta in the area, but the best are made by small family operations.

Gourmet Brand Goetta has a family history dating back to 1876.  See why it is the best.