Preparing Gourmet Brand Goetta

Thank you for purchasing Gourmet Brand Goetta!  If you don’t have a favorite way to cook goetta, try this:

For best results, thaw a tub of goetta in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning, run the tub under hot tap water for a minute or so.  This loosens the goetta from the sides of the container.

Slice the goeta as thick as you wish.  Seven slices yields a 4oz. serving.  I like even numbers, so I usually do 8 slices.

If you do not plan to use all the goetta, you can use the back edge of the knife to insert wax paper between the slices.  The unused goetta goes back in the tub and back to the freezer.  You can pull out just as many slices as you need the next time.  My Mom does it this way all the time.

Move the slices from the cutting board to a cast iron (preferred) or other non-stick griddle or frying pan.  No oil is needed.  I use a medium low heat  – just enough to brown the goetta without burning it.  I flip after 8 minutes, then again after 8 more minutes.  If additional browning or crispiness is desired, 4 more minutes on each side should be sufficient.

I believe nothing goes better with goetta than farm fresh eggs, but many folks like other combinations, too.  I like my goetta “straight,” but I don’t mind if some pure maple syrup migrates from my waffles or pancakes (I can’t eat eggs everyday!) into my goetta.